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At De Hood, there are several individuals who have the desire and the ability to become future sporting professionals. In fact, we are not exaggerating when we say that some of them will most definitely become champions in their area of expertise. 


Two and a half years ago, De Hood started as a boxing training club with the sole intention of using boxing exercises to improve fitness and use up excess energy. It is no coincidence therefore that out of the hundreds of youngsters who have taken part in the training programs, some have emerged with excellent potential. At this stage, our list of potential champions is restricted to boxers but as we venture into other sports, we anticipate getting the same kind of results as we have achieved with boxing. For now though, we are looking at obtaining individual sponsorship for boxers.

 To become a champion boxer, there are five basic requirements:

  1. Natural talent. Whilst this is hard to define, it involves endurance, good reactions and reflexes, good balance and a keen level of focus.
  2. Youth training. Your ability to learn and adapt is at it’s highest in your youth. Training started here sets the foundation for the future.
  3. D&D. Desire and determination to become the very best.
  4. Ongoing guidance.  Ensuring the correct training procedures are followed is the difference between health and injury.
  5. Resources. Whatever is needed to continue following your training regimen.



Most of the De Hood members who have been training under Reagan Denton for over two years have all adopted the ‘Hood ethos’ and meet the prerequisites as described above. Out of these, Reagan has selected those who he honestly believes have what it takes to compete at a higher level. To achieve this, funding is required for equipment, travelling expenses and additional training and we are therefore looking for sponsors.


Details of the individuals are included herein. The sponsorships we are seeking are as follows: –


Company sponsorship where the boxer will promote the sponsors company by agreed advertising methods. The cost of this is negotiable and dependent on the boxer’s age and pedigree.

Private sponsorship whereby an individual agrees to pay the necessary fees to enable the boxer to maximise his/her training regime and compete in competitions. Such an agreement would be open ended with the sponsor having the rights to terminate the agreement at any time. In most cases the only reward the sponsor will get is to know that he has helped a young person navigate his/her way through their teenage years whilst retaining the Hood’ ethos, by staying out of trouble and keeping fit and healthy. By default, it will also give the sponsor first refusal to sponsor as per item 3 below.

Dedicated sponsorship to enable a potential champion to train full time. This would only apply if:

  • The boxer’s individual record meets specified criteria.
  • Reagan Denton vouches for the boxer’s long-term ability.
  • The boxer agrees to comply with a list of constraints.

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