Help Us Achieve Our Mission

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To achieve our mission, we need your help!

De Hood has far exceeded our projections by a gargantuan amount. Although we have numerous volunteers helping us keep everything running, we need help with our ADMINISTRATION INFRA-STRUCTURE. Without an updated and stronger infra-structure, we cannot adequately cater for the incoming volume of prospective members.

We will always appreciate anyone volunteering their spare time to help out, but we are in need of people with specific skill sets who would be happy to loan those skills to a good cause. If you are willing to help then please send us an email with what kind of help you could donate.

At this stage we wish to find out what local help is available, so we are not looking for anyone to make a commitment right away, especially without being made fully aware of our future plans! We would however be very happy to have a phone call to ensure a mutual understanding, followed by an invitation to a meeting at De Hood in person. If you believe you can be of help, if you are between jobs, sat with spare time or retired seeking something to engage in (as well as helping a very worthy cause!) please send your contact details to the e-mail address below.


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