Its A Way Of Life

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It’s a way of life…

Getting in shape and achieving individual well being without help or assistance is a daunting task. To have people alongside you in the same boat is a great motivational tool and this lies at the heart of the Hoods’ philosophy. It was also this that drove Reagan Denton to expand his successful ‘Box Fit’ program to include everyone in the local environment and turn it into an enterprise, run by the residents, for the residents.

It may have started as a small exercise routine for youngsters to expel their excess energy, but with guidance it soon scaled up into a social enterprise aimed at improving the life style of anyone in the local area. Alongside the Sheffield council, De Hood has been able to bring together enough accommodation to start realising many of the ideas that were proposed by the members. It may be in it’s infancy, but De Hood’s growth is phenomenal and it’s aims and ambitions are even more striking.

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