DeHood’s Aims

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Dehoods Aims

Reagan Denton sees De Hood as a tool to dramatically improve the social and physical environment in the local vicinity he lives in. He argues that the residents of The Manor and the surrounding areas are some of the friendliest and empathetic people in the country, but sadly, were not given  the opportunity to explore their natural talents and abilities. De Hood will now be there to help them change this. He wants to:

Give any youth who wants to improve their life style an opportunity to do so.

De Hood secured financial help from South Yorkshire Police because they could easily see the positive change De Hood provides. Crime figures and anti social behaviour fell since it’s inception, and we hope to be just as effective at improving the statistics for health and well being in the area too! So far, boxing training and running have been our main activities but our plans for 2017 include introducing other sports and activities. We also hope to expand the social interaction of our young members, to better help them express themselves socially and build up their self confidence and character.


Locate and offer physical help to the more vulnerable residents.

When we say ‘vulnerable’, we are referring to anyone who feels they need help, or anyone who is struggling in their day to day. Whether you have a physical or mental disability, health or emotional distress, lack of things to do or lack of people to do them with, then De Hood is here for you. We are soon looking to invite professionals who specialise in these areas to become part of the De Hood’s team. Our goal is that eventually we shall have a enough volunteers in various fields to ensure that everyone on the estate is visited and invited to join De Hood, where they can connect with other people in similar circumstances. We aren’t just hoping to help them, we intend to help them help themselves and each other, but by no means would our direct, tangible assistance diminish. An example of this is that many of our physically handicapped residents do not get to enjoy the sunshine as much as they might like because their gardens are overgrown and they have nowhere nice to sit in them. We have made an agreement with a local organisation who will visit houses we recommend, to clean up and maintain their gardens for them.


Stamp-out loneliness in the local vicinity.

We carried out a survey and found that there is an overwhelming majority of people in The Manor estate who wish to meet other residents and engage in social interaction, but are either too shy or scared to make that jump. We have a host of volunteers who will be visiting everyone and where possible, persuading and helping them in engaging with their neighbours in a friendly environment. We understand that some people are lone wolves and we respect that, but if anyone wishes to meet people and build relations with their local community, De Hood is where you should turn.


Help anyone who wants to improve their physical fitness and/or lose weight.

It’s no secret that a poor diet added on top of a lack of exercise breeds obesity and lethargy, and eventually possibly even diabetes, depression and anxiety attacks amongst other things. Almost every visitor De Hood has had, remarked on the physical condition and general good fitness of our members and this is what we wish to push forward to new members. We soon plan to introduce a number of different exercise disciplines that can cater and relate to anyone. We understand boxing isn’t for everyone, and we hope that we can create relevant exercise classes and styles to your tastes, so long as we can create a way for anyone to feel that they can lose weight, and using our guidance, never put it back on. We are so confident in our methods that we intent to issue a national challenge to any other organisation in the country to compete against in a test to see who can produce the best results.


Improve general well-being.

Physical fitness is only one part of overall well being. When our members mix together in a friendly and engaging atmosphere, they tend to be happier. We are hoping to introduce yoga, meditation and mindfulness into the hood so that our members can key into and keep that positive energy they feel in De Hood when they head home. We are also hoping to have health and welfare professionals to give talks and have open discussions on a multitude of subjects that can help our members improve their lifestyle. We want to encourage our members to discuss amongst themselves in a friendly and constructive environment, issues that have been historically been ignored such as sex-health, family planning, domestic abuse, drug abuse etc. We want to ensure that wherever help is needed, a signpost is nearby to guide them.


Create jobs and business start-ups.

With our exponential growth since inception, we have lots of plans to help create new and sustainable jobs, as well as help members with any start-up business ideas they have. With thousands of estate residents backing De Hood, more and more are showing support and interest every day.  If we are confident in a member being able to provide good value-for-money service, we will advertise and promote their business through our website to fellow members, providing a boost to local business as well as ensuring only good quality and value businesses are advertised on the website. De Hood is not a charity or a method to channel long term public funding, it is a way to help people and help them help themselves. We believe everyone is good at something and everyone can lend a hand to help their fellow man, provided they are given the right opportunity. #


The Hood’ started with an ex-pro boxer, two kids and a punch-bag just over two years ago. Now it boasts some of the best facilities in Sheffield with huge and growing support. Reagan’s aims may appear extremely ambitious but as he points out to those who doubt him: “I started without any help and after just two years we have achieved more than anyone else we are aware of. Today, I have a team of good people helping me and the support of most of the residents. I assure you, our aims will be achieved”.

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