Help Needed

The growth of De Hood exceeded our projections by a mammoth amount. We have numerous volunteers who are helping us to keep everything ticking over but our administration infra-structure now needs to be updated and strengthened to ensure we can adequately cater for the current volume of members and put systems into place to enable us to continue to expand our port-folio whilst ensuring nothing falls through the net. We have numerous volunteers who are greatly appreciated but we are lacking people with specific skills and to this end we are looking for anyone with the desired skills we require and who are prepared to commit some of their spare time to a good cause. We believe there are plenty of potential volunteers with the necessary knowledge who have retired and may be willing to offer their help. If you have experience in any of the following subjects and you will be willing to discuss helping us, please can you send a short e-mail advising of the kind of help you are willing to give.

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A Way of Life

It is extremely difficult for many people to improve their individual well being without help or assistance. A group of people working together in harmony can achieve much more. This is the essence of the ‘Hood’ philosophy and the reason why Reagan Denton decided to expand his successful ‘Box Fit’ program to include everyone in the local environment and turn it into a residents enterprise, run by the residents for the residents.

What started as a small exercise routine for youngsters to expel their excess energy evolved with guidance into a full scale social enterprise aimed at improving the life-style of anyone in the vicinity who wants to take the opportunities available to them. With help from Sheffield Council, De Hood has been able to obtain enough accommodation to start putting in place many of the ideas proposed by the members. De Hood is still in its infancy but its growth is phenomenal and its aims and ambitions are even more startling.

The De Hood Story

De Hood really started two years ago when Reagan Denton asked a group of youngsters to desist from throwing the contents of a doggy-scoop bin at passing motorists in front of his house. He would not have objected to their endeavours if some of them had been better shots and had not missed the targets and pebble-dashed his frontage. During the conversation that followed, it became apparent that the kids had little else to occupy their time and Reagan suggested that they take up boxing training. He then persuaded a local pub to allow him access to a small room when it was not being used and hung-up a couple of boxing-bags. The following evening two lads turned up and he put them through a training regime. The following night four pitched up and within weeks he had managed to scrounge eight bags and they were all doubled up. Before long, he could not cater for the unofficial membership that had grown on a weekly basis.

The Hoods Aims

Reagan Denton sees De Hood as the tool that can help drastically improve the social and physical environment in the vicinity where he lives. He argues that the residents of The Manor and the surrounding areas are amongst the friendliest and empathic people in the country but in too many cases, they were never given the opportunity to use their natural talent and ability. De Hood can help them change this. He wants to.

Give any youngster who wants to improve their life style an opportunity to do so.
As can already be seen from the reduced crime figures and anti-social behaviour; finding a positive outlet for the kids to use up their excess energy not only helps improve the ethos of the area but the general health and fitness improves correspondingly. So far boxing training and running have been used but our plans for 2016 include introducing many other sports and pastimes. We also intend to expand the social interaction that will enable the youngsters to express themselves better and build up their self confidence and character.

Opening Times

(Last updated: 24/03/2021)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Boxfit - Mixed Ages 16:30 - 18:00 16:30 - 17:30 16:30 - 18:00 16:30 - 17:30 16:30 - 18:00 10:30 - 12:00 CLOSED
Boxfit - Adult Session 17:30 - 18:30 17:30 - 18:30 CLOSED
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